Wither       Combonormal Bodyskill Magicattack Spiritmagic 25sec

Short Range

  • For 12 seconds 3 enemies in front of you constantly lose affinity and health.
  • Silence 3 enemies for 8s, applies Silences yourself as well. Silence cancels any current buffs such as Ante on yourself or Enemy.


You can use the following type of Sigils on this skill:

Skill BreakdownEdit

  • Combonormal - This is a normal combo skill, if you have a combo opened, this skill will add a combo point.
  • Bodyskill - This skill's damage increases if attribute points are added to Body.
  • Magicattack - This skill is a magic attack, you do not need to have a weapon equipped to use it.
  • Spiritmagic - This skill deals Spirit damage.
  • 25sec - This skill has a 25 second cooldown.


  • This skill is exclusive to the Death Hand Class.
  • This skill is unlocked at level 24, along with skill set 5.
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