Vital statistics
Title Unknown
Gender Female
Race Unknown
Faction Gamers
Health 15879
Level 22
ETA on Level up April 18th
Status Friendly
Location Behind the computer
Special Information Boss

Having been enthousiatic about Spellborn ever since a small flyer came fluttering out of her Within Temptation CD, she took the task upon herself to continue the expansion of this Wiki as the previous owner had ended doing so. Finding time to play Spellborn, update the wiki, chat in IMVU and when having time to model items in 3Ds Max takes up most of her time next to the obvious school and job. She is quite happy therefore, to see any help in filling up the wiki with all the know-hows and hidden bits of the game so that in the cases of true need players may be able to find what lies hidden within these pages, and thus progress in the wonderfull game that is spellborn.


Chista - Level 48 Skinshifter
Irigue - Level 8 Rune Mage

Contact InfoEdit

please be discreet with this and only use it for stuff regarding the wiki please ^.^\/


Current (big) On-Wiki ProjectsEdit

  • Promoting the wikia and finding more users who will help update
  • Finding all the bugs that give odd-colored or unreadable output
  • Writing a SBWikia for Dummies Section, showing it doesnt take much time to edit anything at all
  • Adding all quests, at least with their in-log information
  • Adding more recipes, armors, resources and all those, as well as finding the proper images for the items
  • Adding NPCs that sell items, and adding a list of what items they sell at what prices.

Of course i really appreciate all help i get on any of the listed items ^.^

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