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I'm Borfus and am an active player of Spellborn. I have been with the game since january 2007 when I got invited to the EU Closed Beta. Since then I have tried to help the game steering into the right direction and doing my part in making the game known through helping out in Hawksmouth, making video's for all to see and actively participate on several forums.

I am a member of the Forsaken Gods guild which is being known as one of the 5 most important guilds in Europe. Together with the Forsaken Prophets and others we try to fight for a bigger community and more openess from the devs and their management. The first European webinar was for us a success and we hope the involvement can increase.

If you have any question related to the game or to me in person, you can always drop an in-game mail to my character Borfus or contact me through the Forsaken Gods forum.

Before I conclude, this wikia has mostly been a solo project of Chista and logically she can use all the help she can get, thus if you see something missing or just want to help out on the missing pages, feel free to put some time into it!



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