The rowdy but friendly tattooed people of the Shard of Ringfell are known as the Speyrfolk. They used to be known as excellent traders, exporting Ringfell's resources to the other Shards. But all the trading came to an immediate halt a good 70 years ago when the Speyrfolk's luck suddenly evaporated. All Speyrfolk outside of Ringfell suddenly died, while those on the board of shardship in the vicinity of the Shard turned fatally ill. Those left on Ringfell were spared, but anyone trying to leave, met the same fate; the Speyrfolk were chained to Ringfell, whether they liked it or not. The four families feared the worst and their paranoia turned inward, accusing each other of foul play. Thus Clan Belevitos and Clan Streidh forged an alliance in Cairnkegg, while Clan Solaryen and Clan Mortalis did so in Scourpool. For decades the two sides would fight each other in Cairnbog and Scourmarsh. The fighting took a backseat when another problem arose: the Berserker Disease. A nasty affliction turning Speyrfolk into mindless enraged "animals", killing anything that comes close.

So currently the Speyrfolk are a rather helpless group of tattooed Ringfell natives, locked in a stalemate. Neither side wants to fight, yet they are convinced the other forces their hand. Meanwhile, the Disease is slowly but surely eroding their people.