Once named Terrimholm, Slywood is a dark place amidst the lush and green lands, which compromise most of upper Ringfell. Ringfell in the old times was a coastal area. What is now called Desolate was then a bottom of an ocean, which now is long dried up.

Slywood though hasn’t always been quite as dark and gloomy as it is today. There have been times, very recent times even, when it was as bright and fertile as the other regions. That’s not to say it wasn’t always a bit peculiar. The crops growing on the fields were known to be different from crops growing anywhere else. Not even three mills could handle the amounts produced each year.

And the strange gargantuan sword that towers over Balemeadow, has been the source of many fantastic stories. No item of this kind was ever found on any of the known shards. It’s not even certain who or what put it there.

But then, in an instance, everything changed. As if the soil had turned sour, all that was once living was vanquished in a single moment. A strangle glow started to emanate from the tip of the swords hilt, engulfing the entrance of Balemeadow’s underground storage tunnels.

Traitor's RestEdit

There’s Traitor’s Rest on the far side of the shard, which harbors all sorts of adventurous and shady characters. After all, all those vanquished citizens did not take their belongings with them and what are the obstacles for those looking to garner a bit of fame and fortune?

In Slywood, rivaling factions have set aside their differences, because with no enclave control there’s money to be made. The prospect of a coin or two, binds all in its pursuit, until the end of such a profitable journey might be reached, of course.

Menaces in SlywoodEdit

Daahn Deavid