All skills are categorized in six sets for each class. Each set will be unlocked at certain levels.

Every few levels the player can choose an additional skill from the sets that are available at that level. Up until level 20, players get an additional skill for each level of advancement. Starting at level 22, players will get an additional skill every two levels of advancement. Currently the level cap for TCoS is set to 50.

Information from The Chronicles of Spellborn official site

Skill Primer Table Edit

Skill Set Description
Basic Skill Set Automatically granted from the start of the game.
Skill Set 1 Unlocked at Character Creation.
Skill Set 2 Unlocked at level 5.
Skill Set 3 Unlocked at level 11.
Skill Set 4 Unlocked at level 16.
Skill Set 5 Unlocked at level 24.
Skill Set 6 Unlocked at level 34.