The title was shutdown on the 25th August 2010 by the new owners Disney/Playdom.

Some people heard that Acclaim paid Playdom to take the title and close it down as part of the purchase of Acclaim by Playdom.

The game has sadly ended its abused life by Acclaim's poor management. In the last 6 months the client download of has been broken, basically stopping the population from growing, the client had Gameguard issues with newer OS like Windows7 and more recently of the past 6 weeks constantly issues with password and username needed daily password resets. A few weeks before the title was officially announced to the community that the servers spent days offline and even thou a Playdom Official on the spellborn forums announced the title would be playable until it was closed down, it was only playable for a couple of days over its final few weeks. All of these issues pointed to exceptional inept management from Acclaim, arrogance from Playdom and caused much rage and sadness within the playing community.

The title was given much hope in the past with the redevelopment by Frogster with a cash shop/F2P model attached. Frogster tested on the non-playing region of Japan which seemed a bad mistake of not including the knowledgable playing population and intended market in the beta development. This may of been a contractual clause as Frogster didn't seem to have publishing rights for North Amercia and the parts of Europe that the main players came from. They do deserve credit for a least trying to redevelop this title.

Many people from the community have attempted to contact representatives from Acclaim, Disney, Playdom and Spellborn NV to discussed any possible way of extending the life of TCOS, all communications seem to of fell on deaf ears. The only contact address for Spellborn NV seemed to be out of date.

The Acclaim forums are down along with the game. A new forum at has been set up by fans. Everyone is welcome there to discuss the game while it's in what we hope is just a hiatus.