There is no more world left in The Chronicles of Spellborn®. Whatever remained after the cataclysm known as the Great Collapse now floats throughout the Deadspell Storm, a swirling nebula of endless sleeping magic.

Amongst the debris of the shattered Ancestor World – as people call the world that was once whole – are new places to live. The Shards: gigantic domed caverns containing the sheltered lands of yore within. The Fragments: smaller pieces of the world ripped apart and floating through the Storm with little shielding. The Raftyards: man-made structures of large rocks and boulders, kept together with rope, Levium-crystals and a bit of luck.

Those born into this strange new existence were originally dubbed the Spellborn. These daevi and human children were born of the survivors who found themselves awake within the Shard of Quarterstone. Once a city where slaves were bred and traded, it became their point of origin from which to explore the remains of their former world and ultimately form a new society: the Enclave of the Five Sacrifices.

As the survivors withered away and their progeny ventured deeper into the Deadspell Storm, the Age of Spellborn truly began and The Chronicles of Spellborn® would be written for all to be known.