Deiquonril is a European Player versus Player server. It has existed since the European launch and has been merged with the French and German PvP realms at May 18th 2009.

Server populationEdit

Medium, growing


(active, in order of foundation)

  • Forsaken Gods
  • Origin Born Killers
  • Night Hawks
  • Eternal Twilight
  • Guetteurs de l'Ombre
  • Shardship Troopers

Note that this list is not complete and must take their own responsibility in appearing on this list. This can be done by posting the name here yourselves or, once available, in a guild thread on the official forums.

Recurring Player-Made EventsEdit

  • Arena Nights: Each Tuesday and Thurdays, from 6pm CET till late, in the Arena to meet, train and run league fights - organised by Forsaken Gods