Rottenbreath       Comboopener Mindskill Magicattack Spiritmagic 14sec

Short Range, Roaring, Opener Ante

  • 3 enemies in front of you lose 1 rank Morale.

Roaring: Gain 1 rank morale on hit, but lose 1 rank morale if the attack misses.
Ante: You receive a small heal each time you deal damage.


You can use the following type of Sigils on this skill:

Skill BreakdownEdit

  • Comboopener - This is a combo opener, use this to open a combo for stronger attacks.
  • Mindskill - This skill's damage increases if attribute points are added to Mind.
  • Magicattack - This skill is a magic attack, you do not need to have a weapon equipped to use it.
  • Spiritmagic - This skill deals Spirit damage.
  • 14sec - This skill has a 14 second cooldown.

Invisible facts:

  • This skill has an approximate 2.0 second rotation time.
  • This skill roots you for the casting duration.


  • This skill is exclusive to the Death Hand Class.
  • This skill is unlocked at level 11, along with skill set 3.
  • In addition to the effects listed on the tooltip, this skill also applies Poison to each of the affected targets.
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