Ringfell shard
Ringfell Shard
Map over Ringfell
Areas on this Shard
Desolate, Garminholm, Hearth, Shorath Mesa, Slywood, Stonedeep

Lush forests and stretches of sand; Ringfell is a curious Shard as it’s both full of life yet can be utterly devoid of it at the same time. The rowdy Speyrfolk that live here use to call it the Ringlands, but that name belonged to a countryside that had not fallen to the Great Collapse.

The shard consists of two major areas: the higher land areas where life can still be beautiful and deadly and the lower land areas where the old sea has been drained; its floors laid bare yet are covered by a thick layer of mist.

From this mist more than a hundred spires spew steam and gas adding strange hues to the thick haze. If you manage to venture down onto the old seabed you might find the remnants of naval battles, stumble upon the bones of long dead creatures or venture into the ruins of civilizations predating any known history. One might even get acquainted to old beast of the sea that have adapted themselves to a less wet environment.

Yet deeper south, through the forest one can stumble upon an area of desperation. The Speyrfolk do not dare go there and only the foulest individuals seem to enjoy its dark embrace. This is Slywood, a place where corruption can be felt and met in person and one would do well not to dwell here too long.

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Known Areas in Ringfell

Desolate, Garminholm, Hearth, Shorath Mesa, Slywood, Stonedeep

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