Questicon Your First Assignment
Start Commander Terrin Dalheart
End Jathal Boraxx
Level 2
Category Hawksmouth quests
Fame 405
Location Hawksmouth
Next Quest The Greatest Recruit Ever
Previous Quest None


1. Find Oxford Frecci's Forward Patrol
2. See what Jathal Boraxx wants at the Lumberyard East from Talon Gate.

Accepting the Quest:Edit


As I was saying, we need this little problem out of the way. Find the Forward Partol, lead by Oxford Frecci outside the walls of hawksmouth. They patrol the road running parallel to the city walls, just in case someone gets it into their thick skulls to attack out farms.

I would actually like to see the fool trying something that stupid.

You have your orders!
Dismissed, recruit!

In your Log:Edit

Commander Dalheart has sent you on your first assignment. It doesn't sound like much really, but he has ordered you to find the Forward Patrol, patrolling outside the walls of Hawksmouth.

It seems there is someone out there that doesn't think too highly of Enclave recruits and maybe the Forward Patrol can shed some light on the subject.


What wrong!? I'll Tell you what's wrong!

Quest ChainEdit