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Questicon What Teliya Tore Asunder
Start Alstre Pettera
End Alstre Pettera
Level 2
Category Hawk's Landing Quests
Fame ~728
Location Hawksmouth
Next Quest Make Time For Mending
Previous Quest Kidnapped!


  • Solve the first Riddle
  • Solve the second Riddle
  • Solve the third Riddle
  • Solve the fourth Riddle
  • Solve the fifth Riddle
  • Solve the sixth Riddle

Accepting the Quest:Edit

Can you take the scroll and figure it out? I'm not so good at reading and figuring. It... it kind of sounds like she ripped him into ...pieces.

Mr. Twitches wont like being in pieces... Please, solve the clues and get him back!

In your Log:Edit

Alstre found a ragged scroll on his pillow, containing the six clues:

1- The place where the trip down is lighter then the trip up.
2- House where nairas lay their heads
3- It's the high house where everyone knows your name. And your secrets
4- Where trees have gone and stumps reside.
5- Drinks fly to him, but he never leaves.
6- If ghosts could shop, they'd go here.

Locate the pieces and bring what remains of Mr. Twitches back to Alstre Pettera outside his parent's farm.


Mr. Twitches! She did tear him up... oh i hate her, she's so mean to me and I've never done anything to deserve it.

Poor Mr. Twitches...

Perhaps... perhaps i know of someone that... Oh I hope so!

Quest ChainEdit


Riddle 1: Talk to Oriana Margo by the storage house near the docks
Riddle 2: Talk to Mahethiu Svenie at the pen with the horses on the road straight from the docks to hawksmouth
Riddle 3: Speak with Eukene Malandra near high house Torque
Riddle 4: Talk to Jathal Boraxx at the lumberyard
Riddle 5: Talk to Kestel Near the high houses.
Riddle 6: Speak with Soulshop Owner Dogo Tien outside her shop in Hawksmouth