Questicon Take Your Pick
Start Abdelmaseh Edael
End Commander Terrin Dalheart
Level 2
Category Hawk's Landing Quests
Fame 850
Rewards 50 Copper
Location Hawksmouth
Next Quest None
Previous Quest Turnip Terrors


1. Find and kill the Rabid Dog.
2. Return to Abdelmaseh
3. Report to Commander Terrin Dalheart in Hawksmouth

Accepting the Quest:Edit

If that dog is really what drove the Tanuk out of their usual dwelling place, something needs to be done about it!

I would really appreciate if you could go check out the area behind my farm, towards Hawksmouth's city wall. Remember the bite marks on the tanuk's legs though and take care, it might well be the Tanuk was infected by the dog!

If that's the case, do what you must.

In your Log:Edit

Farmer Abdelmaseh Edael has asked you to dispode of the dog that seems to be the cause of his troubles with the Tanuk. He remembers seeing a dog lurking around near Hawksmouth's city wall to the West of his farm.



I've Finished up all the paperwork so we can start your time here proper. It's time for your first assignment, recruit!

Quest ChainEdit