Questicon Take Your Pick
Start Abdelmaseh Edael
End Abdelmaseh Edael
Level 2
Category Hawk's Landing Quests
Fame 141
Location Hawksmouth
Next Quest Whack the Dog
Previous Quest Take your Pick


Kill the Tanuk that have been feeding on Abdelmaseh's turnips. 0/3

Accepting the Quest:Edit

Well, I'm not big on cruelty to those cute little fellows, but they've crossed the line when they touched my turnips!

I'd like you to make an example of some of those sneaky critters! Hopefully it will scare the others into staying away from my lovely turnips!

In your Log:Edit

Farmer Abdelmaseh Edael has asked you to take care of his tanuk problem by killing a pack of three as a warning to the rest.

The tanuk seem to be hiding near the farm. Checking out bushes near the farm closeby might chase some out.


Is that really neccessary? Wait, what... is that foam on it's mouth?! I hope you got your shots from our Physician Telsos; it seems the poor things were out of their minds! And look, here, it looks like something caught this one at it's hind legs!

I wonder... I think i saw a stray dog lurking around at the edge of the forest the other day. Maybe it drove those poor critters out of their home!

Quest ChainEdit