Questicon The Soaked Parchment
Start Maeve Conall
End Kestel
Level 2
Category Hawk's Landing Quests
Fame ~337
Rewards 3 Silver 
Location Hunter's Expedition, Hawk's Landing
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Gather Young Bear meat 0/5
Gather Young Boar meat 0/5
Gather Young Wolf meat 0/5

Accepting the Quest:Edit

Oh... just bears, boars and wolves. That should be enough. I know that Kestel likes his meat young and tender so that should do just fine.

What do you say, recruit, can you do better then the one that ruined Kestel's note? If so, I will let you keep whatever Kestel pays for the meat as a token of thanks for the help.

In your Log:Edit

Kestel has sent Meave a note asking some kind of meat. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way the letter got wet and is now unreadable other than a few words. All that Meave can make out is that Kestel is hungry for some type of meat.

Meave has asked you to go kill the local young animals and gather their meat for kestel. She isn't sure which one he will want but she is sure that Kestel likes his meat young and tender.


I had gotten you all wrong, I didn't expect you to do better then the other recruits I've ran into lately.

Some can't even dring me a drink before i feel like i'm dying of thirst!

Gere, recruit; here is the money for the meat. I hope you don't mind i keep all three kinds of meat that you've brought me even though I told you I wanted bear meat.

Now then, I must go prepare it now, before I get really busy again with all the recruits stumbling all over themselves!

Quest ChainEdit


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