Questicon The Pedestal Of Light
Start General Baneguard
Level 15
Category Maul Quests
Next Quest
Previous Quest Hiding In The Dark


Accepting the Quest:Edit

In your Log:Edit

The letter that you took back from the Lead Reaver Marauder turns out to have been sent by none other than Evhiel Muaun. She writes to the General to tell him she is fine and that several of his friends have died over the years, all trying to keep Evhiel from the hands of Tykaru the Reaver.
She also writes something about a Puppet Master. A person behind the recent attacks and leader of the Silent Assassins. Who this Puppet Master is, she does not say, but she does mention a second letter that is hidden somewhere in the Palace District of Quarterstone. She writes about the Right Hand of a Dire Friend and the General believes this to be you. There seems to be a riddle or puzzle of sorts connected to the Pedestals of Light. However, neither you nor the General have any idea what these are and what they should look like.
Go to the Veridan Tower in the Palace District and ask Har Graza if he knows what the Pedestals of Light are. You should be able to find the Ascended Voice on one of the levels of the Veridan Tower.
Return to General Tirellis Baneguard after you have solved the riddle of the Pedestals of Light and have claimed the second letter.


Quest ChainEdit


Check the book on the window sill in the room you find the puzzle in.