Questicon The Menacing Dummies
Start Deckhand Stuyvan
End Deckhand Stuyvan
Level 1
Category Deadspell Quests
Fame 720
Location Hawksmouth
Next Quest Haystack Diving
Previous Quest None


Destroy the menacing dummies any way you can!

Accepting the Quest:Edit

These? These... are... just for show.

Yes... For show...

Move along and defeat those dummies!

In your Log:Edit

Deckhand Stuyvan wants you to slay the menacing dummies threatening the shardship's existence in the front of the lower deck.

Return to him after you have finished the job.


The captain told me to tear those dummies apart. Took up too much space in the hold.

But now you did it for me!

So, much thanks for that! Can't let you on deck yet though, Seems i lost the key.

Quest ChainEdit


The First quest you do in The Chronicles of Spellborn.

You need to be in the glowing target to damage the dummies.