Questicon No Deposit, No Return
Start Sir'Din Bunannon
End Vorge Pahton
Level 4
Category Hawk's Landing Quests
Fame ~235
Rewards 2 Silver  Cudgel of the Prophet
Location Hawksmouth
Next Quest
Previous Quest Night After Night


Accepting the Quest:Edit

Great! I suggest that you head to the southern part of Hawk's Wall where the mauribeaks roam. You should try to kill some of them, I don't remember how many we had killed, and see if you can coax the mauler out. If you succeed I suggest you kill him before he kills you!

Please return to me after you have an answer as to what happened to the Mauler.

In Log:Edit

After talking to Vorge Pahton you have helped Sir'Din to remember what happened to him. He is now worried about the people of Hawksmouth that might encounter the same fate that he has from a creature known as the Mauler.

He has requested a favour from you and asked that you seek out the area where the Mauler lives and lure it out of hiding. He would like it dead so that it can no longer hurt the people of Hawksmouth.

Sir'Din's hinting party was in the southern part of Hawk's Wall where the mauribeaks roam when they encountered the creature.


That's great, recruit! You're definately living up to the stories Terrin Dalheart told me about you! Please take this as a token of thanks for what you've done. Dismissed!

Quest ChainEdit