Questicon The Lost Invitation
Start Oriana Margo
End Oriana Margo
Level 3
Category Hawk's Landing Quests
Fame ~90
Rewards 1 Silver 50 Copper
Location Hawk's Landing
Next Quest
Previous Quest The Dinner Party


Accepting the Quest:Edit

I guess you are right. At least it wont be as bad as Eliina's last party. It was actually trashed by boars. She claims that the Belgias Bros. Knew about her party and sabotaged the cake to attract boars. I'm not sure if that's possible but anything is better than getting my meat from those dirty lowlifes! And, I do have an invitation because Eliina didn't respond to her invite.

Take this invitation to Meave. Make sure she understands that she better not make a fool of me or I'll make sure nobody ever goes for her services again!

In your Log:Edit


Did you get it? Finally! Now my party will be complete and the best ever. Here is something four your troubles. Now run along, I have some last minute plans to make!

Quest ChainEdit