Questicon The Late Reports
Start Commander Terrin Dalheart
End Tower Commander Gula
Level 2
Category Hawksmouth quests
Fame ~1322
Location Hawksmouth
Next Quest Got To Get Them All
Previous Quest none


Report to Commander Gula at the Central Guard Tower in Hawk's Landing

Accepting the Quest:Edit

This one should be nice and easy, recruit.

Several of the guards outside of Hawksmouth have grown lax over the course of several months. One of these guards is the man in chanrge of the central guard tower. A man by the name of Gula.

When Gula decided to serve the Enclave by remaining in the Militia after his training was over, I felt that he had made the right decision, but something in the man changed and I have no idea why.

He seems preoccupied and is tardy with his report again. The problem seems to spread amongst my guard captains as of late. Rather annoying as i need those reports to keep the higher-ups happy.

Make your way to the Central Guard tower in the forst of Hawk's Landing and get me Gula's report. Just follow the road east starting from the lumberjard. It is about time I find out what is going on around here. Or with him.

Any Questions? No?
Dismissed, recruit!

In your Log:Edit

It seems that the Tower Commanders in the Enclave Militia of Hawksmouth have been growing lax of late and Commander Dalheart is getting fed up with it.

You are to go to the Central Guard Tower and as the Tower Commander there, a man named Gula, for the report he was to have sent in weeks ago.

The Central Guard Tower can be reached by following the road leading out of the Southern gate of Hawksmouth.


Ancestors be damned, I totally forgot about handing it in!

Actually I have been so busy with handling things that are... going on around... ehr... here... that I hanven't even started to write it. Oh, stop your sniggering already!

Tell you what, perhaps we can come to an agreement, as one militia member to another?

Quest ChainEdit


This quest was removed in patch