Questicon The Kestel Run
Start Assistant Tavern keeper Avron Grimguzzle
End Assistant Tavern keeper Avron Grimguzzle
Level 2
Category Hawksmouth quests
Fame ~168
Rewards 50 Copper
Location Hawksmouth, near the High Houses
Next Quest
Previous Quest A Brew For Kestel


  • Bring Kestel his Flask of Capsicumel
    • Return to Avron Grimguzzle
  • Return within the time limit

Accepting the Quest:Edit

Oh right, sorry.

It's like this! Each time Kestel needs a delivery I give someone the opportunity to try and beat a challenge I've set.

You have 3 minutes to get this flask of capsicumel over to him and then hurry back to me. I'll stop the timer when you come and tell me you've provided the means for my friend to tolerate his mind-numbing job for another few hours.

And if you set a record, I'll also reward you with some coin. Might make your recruiting days, shall we say, smoother to get through?

In your Log:Edit

Arvon Grimguzzle in front of the Gilded Leaf has asked you to take Kestel's Flask of Capsicumel to him at his duty station.

He's located at the end of the northwestern road in Hawksmouth, between house Torque and House Silver.

If you make it to Kestel and back to Arvon in under 3 minutes, Arvon will give you a nice reward.


Well Ancestors be damned! You did it and what an amazing time you've set! That was one of the fastest runs i've seen, recruit, great job. This will be a hard time to beat for the other recruits! Name was it right? I'll write your name up on this charter.

Here you go, some coins, just like I promised!

Quest ChainEdit