Questicon The Incredible Crates
Start Deckhand Stuyvan
End Deckhand Stuyvan
Level 1
Category Deadspell Quests
Fame 900
Location Deadspell Storm
Next Quest Audience With The Captain
Previous Quest Haystack Diving


Destroy the small crated 0/5

Accepting the Quest:Edit

Since you've so aptly helped me get rid of those dummies, could you please put your destructive skills at work on some crates lying around down here and there on the stern? They've been responsible for my sore toe...

There's 5 of them in total, and to start you off on the right foot, the first one is right there opposite of me.

When all 5 have been destroyed I'll unlock the door to the deck for you. Really! Scales'honour.

In your Log:Edit

Deckhand Stuyvan needs some crates taken care of. Find the 5 crates scattered around and smash them to bits.

Return to Deckhand Stuyvan after they have all been destroyed.



You sure know how to get things done Class!

Quest ChainEdit