Questicon The Greatest Recruit Ever
Start Jathal Boraxx
End Commander Terrin Dalheart
Level 2
Category Hawk's Landing Quests
Fame 2160
Rewards 1 Silver 50 Copper
Location Hawksmouth
Next Quest none
Previous Quest Your First Assignment


1.Slay 5 Young Bears
2.Slay 5 Young Wolves
3.Return to Jathal Boraxx and tell him he lost the bet!
4.Report back to Commander Terrin Dalheart in Hawksmouth.

Accepting the Quest:Edit

Haha! You've got a big mouth, I'll give you that much. But are you able to put your money where your mouth is, recruit?

Let me set up this challenge!

Around this lumberyard there are lots of different species of wildlife running around. Show me you can best those and I will take back my words.

Slay five Young Bears to the south and five Young Wolves near the graveyard to the north east!

The bears roaming around the yard here are known to be ferocious, but knowing you, you'd probably head to the docks and kill the tamer bears in that area! I've seen enough fresh young wannabe heroes to recognize one when i'm staring one in the eyes!

Show me what you are ade of and prove me wrong! But don't come crawling back here when you are wounded, I won't raise a hand to help you!

In your Log:Edit

Jathal Boraxx at the lumberyard near the South Gate has challenged you to slay 5 Young Wolves near the graveyard to the north east and 5 Young Bears to the south of the Lumber yard. He claims you do not have what it takes to become a hero of the enclave. Perhaps you should prove him wrong.

Jathal also made sure you got the message, that there are some tamer bears near the docks! But you know you can kill any bear this Boraxx guy wants you to kill! Tame... or tougher!


So... You are not the slacker that I thought you'd be Name. That's good of course, but things can always change!

But let's put you to the test. I've got several assignments available so let's see which ones you can handle, recruit.

Quest ChainEdit


Leads to:
The Late Reports
Ecological Order
Probable Cause