Questicon The Dinner Party
Start Oriana Margo
End Oriana Margo
Level 3
Category Hawk's Landing Quests
Fame ~90
Rewards 1 Silver 50 Copper
Location Hawk's Landing
Next Quest The Lost Invitation
Previous Quest


  • Talk to Maeve Conall about Oriana's Dinner Party
    • Check on Meave's supplies in the barn near Oriana
      • Return to Oriana and ask about Maeve's invitation

Accepting the Quest:Edit

Right, I'll get to the point. I need this meat fast, but i also need it to be the best meat you can get your hands on! Go talk to Maeve Conall and see what the very best meat is that she still has available. Hurry! Don't let me down or I'll make a mockery of your name to everyone on this shard!

In your Log:Edit

Oriana Margo is having a very important dinner party and is in need of your services. She had already gone on quite a bit on how special the party is. You somehow volunteered your services and have been sent off, rather rudely, to go talk to Maeve Conall over at the hunter camp about her delicious meats.

The hunter Camp is located in the Northern part of Hawk's Wall and since Oriana has threatened to make a mockery of your name if you dan't get her what she needs in time, it would be a good idea to hurry and see if you can help her.


How can I do this then? What will I tell her?

Quest ChainEdit