Questicon Tavern Restock
Start Belgias Bros. Dockworker Luga Lenoir
End Kaarlo Seros
Level 2
Category Hawk's Landing Quests
Fame 242
Location Hawksmouth
Next Quest No Deposit, No Return
Previous Quest


Take the keg of Deadspell Pale Ale to Kaarlo Seros

Accepting the Quest:Edit

I just got word that my usual courier is sick and this keg of Deadspell Pale Ale needs to make it to The Gilded Leaf as soon as possible.

This job doesn't pay me enough to deal with a bunch of angry drunks when they run out of their favorite brew.

Please, deliver the ale quickly; those drunks may tear the place apart if the delivery is late! Kaarlo Seros putside of the taverns is waiting for it.

In Log:Edit

A Belgias Brothers Dockworker has asked you to transport a keg of Deadspell Pale Ale to The Gilded Leaf, the tavern in Hawksmouth

He wants you to make the delivery as quickly as possible, it sounds like the tavern's patrons can be unruly if they get thirsty.


Oh that is something your commander wouldn't be too keen on now would he. Recruits running around with kegs of booze!

Not that i care though, and even though you're not the regular courier, heres your payment.

I guess it doesnt really matter who brings the ale as long as it gets here on time. It's funny; the citizens of Hawksmouth will bear food shortages with their usual level of polite tolerance, but tell them the booze might be a little late...

You'd think i'd just told the whole bar I was serving nothing but tepid water and Sweetleaf Tea for a month!

Oh hang on... I might have something else to do for you recruit!

Quest ChainEdit


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