Questicon Surface Interrogation
Start Commander Terrin Dalheart
End Commander Terrin Dalheart
Level 4
Category Hawksmouth quests
Location Hawksmouth
Next Quest To Oust Or Not To Oust Or Secondary Suspect
Previous Quest Crime Scene Investigating


  • Ask Mugwum about his knife
    • Check Mugwums alibi with Guard Hlobus at the southern gate
      • Report your findings to Commander Dalheart

Accepting the Quest:Edit

I just had a good look at the knife you found and I found out if has a personal seal on it. It says MD on the botton of the hilt.

There aren't many people in hawksmouth with those initials Name. There is no doubt about it; this knife belongs to Mugwum Delo who lives here in Hawksmouth.

I want you to go and interrogate him. He lives in the west part of town, on the street leading to the Aldenvault tunnel. See if he has a plausible alibi.

Report back here with your findings!

In your Log:Edit

The knife that you found in the crate near Razkam's body has a personal seal on it, which reads “M.D.”. According to Terrin Dalheart this means it could only belong to Mugwum Delo.

The Commander wants you to go interrogate him regarding his knife.

Mugwum lives to the west of the Hawksmouth square in the street leading to the Aldenvault tunnel.

Return to Commander Dalheart when you find something out.


Guilty or not...

I trust you have performed a thorough investigation of the matter at hand. So now I want you to share your findings and conclusions with me, recruit.


  • Mugwum is guilty.
  • He cannot be guilty, Sir.
  • End conversation

Quest ChainEdit


The last quest depends on whether you find Mugwum Delo guilty or not. The response "Mugwum is guilty" leads to the quest To Oust Or Not To Oust; the answer "He cannot be guilty, Sir." leads to the quest Secondary Suspect