Questicon No Deposit, No Return
Start Belgias Bros. Dockworker Luga Lenoir
End Belgias Bros. Dockworker Luga Lenoir
Level 2
Category Hawk's Landing Quests
Fame ~105
Rewards 1 Silver 50 Copper
Location Hawksmouth
Next Quest None
Previous Quest No Deposit, No Return


  • Take the package to Leya Lidor
    • Return to Luga Lenoir

Accepting the Quest:Edit

He-he no! The girl standing behind you. Of course you! Did you just fall off the shardship this morning or something?

Anyhow I need your help. I have something somewhat special for a lady over at the well, Leya Lidor. You see, every morning i wander past to get some water out of the well and quite often she stops here to pick up packages. But I can never manage to talk to her about more than work even though I'd like to know more about her. Could you take this package to her for me? I have a feeling this might peak her interest and make her talk to me the next time she stops to pivk up a package.

Would you let her know it's from me and stop by here to let me know what her response is?

In Log:Edit

Luga Lenoir seems to have a little crush on another Belgias Bros. Named Leya Lidor but he is a little shy to talk to her. He trusts you to help him out and has given you a special package meant for Leya Lidor who is located near the well just North of the docks. He has asked you to take her the package and return to him with her response.


That's great! I really hope i can get the courage to talk to her the next time she stops here to pick up a package. Thank you for your help, Name! Please take this for your help.

Quest ChainEdit


Quest was removed in patch