Questicon Sleepless In Hawk's Landing
Start Levina Taipan
End Levina Taipan]
Level 2
Category Hawk's Landing Quests
Fame ~202
Rewards 1 Silver 
Location Hawksmouth
Next Quest none
Previous Quest none


Gather young Boar Meat 0/10

Accepting the Quest:Edit

Because I am so busy with the nearby infestations it is impossible for me to take Sonny hunting for boars or to go hunting by myself. I am hoping that a Job like you will find a few little boars no match. I need a few nights to catch up so ten pieces of boar meat should keep Sonny happy untill I am able to find time to take him hunting. Sonny really likes the boars with a lot of meat. I suggest that you start looking for them south, across the road.

In Log:Edit

Levina Taipan is having trouble sleeping. Sonny, the hunter camp's dog is craving the excitement of hunting boars. He is keeping Levina awake and she is hoping that you can help her.

She has asked you to gather 10 pieces of boar meat, but not just any meat; Sonny likes the Young Boars with the most meat on their bones so you might have to kill a few to get what he likes. You can find the boars to the south of the camp, across the road.


Now I can finally get the sleep I have been missing. Hopefully Sonny will be happy until I can take him hunting again. Thank you so much, Name, for your help! Please take this for all the help you have given me!

Quest ChainEdit