Questicon Setting Up The Barricade
Start Guard Captain Patrick Vhar
End Lieutenant Commander Stalwart
Level 5
Category Aldenvault Quests
Rewards 1 Silver 50 Copper Many-Spiced Trifle×2
Location The guard tower in Aldenvault
Next Quest Gone With The Wind
Previous Quest Nails And Not Those Little Ones


  • Place the Barricade at the designated area
    • Report back to Commander Stalwart in Aldenvault Village

Accepting the Quest:Edit

In your Log:Edit

Captain Vhar at the Ardent Nave has ordered you to place the barricade yourself. He has designated an area just to the north of the Guard tower on the right side of the road.
Place the barricade and report back to Lieutenant Commander Stalwart to see if anything else can be done.


Quest ChainEdit


You have to build the baricades just North from the tower, just follow the road, you cant miss it. (right side).