Questicon Served Cold
Start Toroban
End Toroban
Level 8
Category Aldenvault Quests
Fame ~2008
Rewards 4 Silver 50 Copper Glass Of Tepid Water x3
Location Aldenvault Village
Next Quest none
Previous Quest none


  • Kill the burglar, Haruvakh

Accepting the Quest:Edit

In your Log:Edit

Toroban, one of the farmers in Aldenvault Village is furious! It seems that a former neighbour of his broke into his house and destroyed the ancestral icon of Toroban's grandmother.
The farmer is not sure why his former neighbour broke in, but he is inconsolable and wants justice to be served.
You are to seek out a man called Haruvakh who you can probably find snooping around the central region of Hoggsharrow near the tower on Maundering Hill in Hoggsridge.


Quest ChainEdit


Find The tower on Maundering Hill... Behind the tower there is an Glaive camp. Your target wanders this camp.