Questicon Secondary Suspect
Start Commander Terrin Dalheart
End Commander Terrin Dalheart
Level 4
Category Hawksmouth Quests
Fame ~604
Rewards Snifter of Capsicuca×2

1 Silver 50 Copper

Location Hawksmouth
Next Quest
Previous Quest Surface Interrogation


  • Arrest the suspect at the address on the note
    • Defeat Kudat Posiel
      • Report Kudat's escape to Commander Dalheart

Accepting the Quest:Edit

He cannot be guilty, Sir.
Indeed, although a lot of evidence points towards his guilt, there are a lot of contradictory issues.
It seems we will never find the true killer. Not every crime can be solved, unfortunately.
  • Hmmm Kaarlo was frantically searching for a piece of paper, sir! Maybe...
A piece of paper? You thought of mentioning this only now? And you mean that filthy beer-soaked piece of paper Kaarlo brought me is evidence, instead of just being a nuisance in my pants?
Ugh, it's still too moist... Wait a minute, this has an address right here in Hawksmouth. And it's not Razkam's! It's almost blurred out because of the beverages spilled upon it. Razkam dropped this according to the innkeeper? Hmmm...
I want you to go over there and apprehend the person residing at that location. It's not too far from here, head to the Spirit Shop and go north towards Hawksmouth Marketplace, he should be at one of the houses there!
Hurry now!

In your Log:Edit

There is another suspect who dropped a note you failed to mention before. The note has an address on it which isn't Razkam's. Commander Dalheart wants you to investigate this and apprehend anyone who might be living there.

The address can be found to the north of the Spirit Shop in the dead-end street in the northeast of Hawksmouth.

Return the suspect to Commander Dalheart.


Find Kudat Posiel according to the directions in the quest log, and talk to him.

Secondary Suspect
  • Would you please come with me, sir?
Why? Is something the matter?
  • No questions please, just come with me.
Unfortunately, that will not be possible. I am afraid such a request is quite out of the ordinary. It is thus with great regret that I will have to pass, be it, and I say this with the utmost sincerity, without your permission.

At this point, Kudat will attack you. Successfully draw down his health, and he stops and talks again. He escapes. Return to Commander Terrin Dalheart and talk to him.

Secondary Suspect
There you are recruit, I heard there was a fight going on. Have you apprehended the suspect?
  • I almost had him, but he escaped quite suddenly sir.
This is rather regrettable. Regrettable indeed, recruit.
If we only had more men available, then you would not have had to go there alone. But we now know that there is a murderer out there. Someone who wanted Razkam dead. And made a very good effort at doing so and trying to make someone else pay for his deeds.
Someone must have tipped our little 'assassin' off, and that someone is also out there. I have the feeling this won't be the last of this affair.
Considering the circumstances, you have done very well, recruit. I salute you. Dismissed!

Quest ChainEdit