Questicon Return To Commander Gula
Start Enclave Delegate Theleg Bournbay
End Tower Commander Gula
Level 4
Category Hawk's Landing Quests
Fame ~537
Location Hawksmouth
Next Quest A Reluctant Assignment
Previous Quest Motivated Salesmanship


  • Report back to Commander Gula

Accepting the Quest:Edit

Very well, this is going way beyond my jurisdiction. I've noted my findings and will report them to Commander Dalheart. Meanwhile, I think it's best that you get in contact with Commander Gula. For all we know, this salesman might even be a perimeter guard or intelligence agent.

Please return to the guard tower, as soon as possible Name. We must put a halt to this.

In your Log:Edit

Theleg has requested thatyou head back to Commander Gula immediately and inform him of the threat present right under his nose.

The Commander should still be at the Central Guard Tower in Hawk's Landing.


By the Light! Ousted! That might explain some of the sightings from the lower guards...

Quest ChainEdit