Questicon Results And Solutions
Start Netha Boraxx
End Netha Boraxx
Level 3
Category Hawk's Landing Quests
Fame ~679
Location Hawksmouth
Next Quest Assault On The Lumberyard
Previous Quest Question Of Ecology


1.Obtain a bag of boar Bait from Maeve Conall
2.Take the Boar Bait back to Netha Boraxx at the Lumberyard.

Accepting the Quest:Edit

I'd like to try to be a little more organized and defensive this time. Please make a quick trip over to the hunter expedition on the other side of the woods to pick up a package of boar bait. With the bait and a mixture of my own concoction, we might be able to reduce the damage done to some extent.

In your Log:Edit

According to Netha Boraxx, the boars have become aggressive because of a local type of forest mushroom that causes an imbalance when digested.

Unfortunately the damage seems to be permanent, so the only viable solution is to continue the policy of population control.

Netha would like you to go to the Hunter's Expedition to the northeast and ask them for a bag of boar bait. It seems she has something in mind that might turn the table on the boars.

The Expedition is lead by Maeve Conall, so perhaps asking her for the bait might prove useful.


Ah I see you returned with the bait. That's great.

Let's continue our investigation shall we? Let me tell you exactly what i intend to do with the boar bait and the mushroom mixture.

Quest ChainEdit