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Questicon Question Of Ecology
Start Netha Boraxx
End Netha Boraxx
Level 3
Category Hawk's Landing Quests
Fame ~679
Location Hawksmouth
Next Quest Results And Solutions
Previous Quest Thinning The Pack


Collect an Aromatic Mushroom Fragment

Accepting the Quest:Edit

I've got a theory Name, about what is wrong with the boars. They don't really seem to need the tree cover itself for survival, but there are some specific plants that grown under the shade of the trees that they need.

When we started cutting down all the trees in this area, we destroyed most other plants as well, and now the board that used to live here have been forced to move further into the forest. It seems that their new habitat does not support the same amount of begetation they were used to around here and are thus forced to eat alternatives.

Can you investigate of the patches of mushrooms along the path? Find a nice healthy-looking one, snap it off and bring it back here for me to study.

Mushrooms can often cause chemical reactions that can change a person's behaviour substantially; that could mean the boars are affected in a similar fashion.

In your Log:Edit

Netha thinks that a reduction in their habitat's size may be the reason for the boars' odd behaviour. If the boars are eating something they probably shouldn't consume, it could have an impact on their body chemistry.

She thinks the mushrooms found in the area might have something to do with it. She wants you to go collect a piece of particularly unhealthy-looking specimen and return it to her.

They grow at the base of trees along the carapace wall just to the south of the lumberyard.


Ah, a fantastic sample, thank you.

Now let's see what this mushroom does.



mushrooms needed for Question of Ecology

The mushrooms can be found here:

MAP hawks landing


Quest ChainEdit