QuesticonFamily's Sishgith
Start Churku Daughter Fellina
End Churku Daughter Fellina
Level 32
Category Sorrowmist Quests
Rewards 20 Silver 
Location Hunters Camp in Sorrowmist
Next Quest
Previous Quest Sibling Rivalry and Family's Sishgith


Accepting the Quest:Edit

In your Log:Edit

After helping Fellina's chaldo happy, Fellina has asked you for one more thing before you go on your way. You are to gather 20 Richibeak Feet then return to her at the Fireclaw Hunter's Camp in Sorrowmist when you are finished.


Quest ChainEdit


To talk to the Questgiver, you need to wear Eddie's Glaive Ring, if you are not wearing the ring, they will attack you rather than give you quests.