Questicon Prove your worth
Start Chamberlain Darsius Nehra
Level 9
Category Shroud Quests
Location Aldenvault House Shroud
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  • Find the Crimson Courier

Accepting the Quest:Edit

In your Log:Edit

Darsius Nehra, the Chamberlain of House Shroud has given you a task that will start your initiation into the ranks of House Shroud.
You are to acquire some plans currently being delivered to someone in House Silver. What the courier's name is, is unknown, but he or she is wearing fully red armour and has just arrived at the Aldengate structure in Aldenvault leading to Hawksmouth Town.
Acquire the plans and deliver them to Lotha Inerad at Eqatt Farm in Aldenvault, Parliament. Make sure no one follows you.
Abandoning this quest will allow you to start any of the other High House initiation quests.


Quest ChainEdit


Accepting this quest starts your admittance quest into House Shroud