Questicon Probable Cause
Start Commander Terrin Dalheart
End Tower Commander Gula
Level 4
Category Hawksmouth quests
Fame  ???
Location Hawksmouth
Next Quest A Shady Character
Previous Quest none


Take Commander Dalheart's note to Tower Commander Gula

Accepting the Quest:Edit

This assignment will be quite difficult. Simply because I don't know what i'm getting you into, recruit.

Commander Gula might be tardy with his reports, but his senses do work. While over a pint he mentioned that lately several shady people are entering the Docks at Hawk's Landing.

We can't have that with Hawk's Landing being the doorstep for the High Houses! Go to Commander Gula and help him with this problem in any way you see fit. Oh and take this note, it'll explain your involvement in this assignment.

I don't think i have to stress the importance of an assignment such as this. We need to find out who these shady characters are. And I can not be more to the point than to say, keep the Militia strong!

Dismissed, recruit!

In your Log:Edit

Commander Dalheart of the Hawksmouth Militia has ordered you to report to the Central Guard Tower in the forests of Hawk's Landing. He had given you a written note which you have to deliver to Tower Commander Gula.

The Tower Commander should be on top of his tower. If not, he might have wandered off a bit.


Quest ChainEdit