Questicon Pesky Children
Start Patrol Lead Oxford Frecci
End Alstre Pettera
Level 3
Category Hawksmouth quests
Location Hawksmouth
Next Quest Kidnapped!
Previous Quest None


Talk to Alstre Pettera

Accepting the Quest:Edit

Hail recruit! It is fortunate that I stumbled into you as I did! There is something that has been bugging me all day!

You see, there is this little boy that lives around these parts. I think his name is Altra or Alstre or something along those lines. He is usually the silent type, playing with his stuffed animal and causing no harm, but as of this morning he has been sobbing and crying and to be totally honest, it is driving me mad!

See if you can talk to the little critter and make him stop crying. It would do us all good if there was a little peace and quiet around here!

In your Log:Edit

Patrol Lead Oxford Frecci has asked you to go talk to Alstre Pettera near one of the farms at the Northern Gate of Hawksmouth. It seems the little boy has been crying all day and something is obviously wrong.

Perhaps if you talk with the little boy and see what is amiss, he will stop crying.


I can not find him anywhere!

Quest ChainEdit


Quest was removed in patch

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