Questicon No Deposit, No Return
Start Kaarlo Seros
End Belgias Bros. Dockworker Luga Lenoir
Level 2
Category Hawksmouth quests
Fame ~323
Rewards 50 Copper
Location Hawksmouth
Next Quest Special Delivery
Previous Quest Tavern Restock


Take the Empty Keg to the Belgias Brothers Dockworker

Accepting the Quest:Edit

If you're heading back toward the docks, can you return one of the kegs we empties yesterday? The distributor in Quarterstone gets mad when i don't return the empties kegs in a timely manner and I will forfeit my deposit if I keep the kegs too long.

Just hand over the keg to the Belgias Brothers' Dockworker on the docks. He will take it from there.

In Log:Edit

Tavern keeper Kaarlo seros has asked you to return an empty keg of Deadspell Pale Ale to the Belgias Brothers Dockworker at the docks of Hawk's Landing.


Ah it is you again! What's that you got there?

A keg? I see Kaarlo has started returning kegs again. He must have gotten a rather firmly worded message from the Belgias Brothers distibutor in Quarterstone. Seems old Kaarlo has been piling up those kegs in the basement for weeks!

I'll make sure the distributor gets his kegs back. Here is a little something for the trouble!

Quest ChainEdit


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