Questicon No Deposit, No Return
Start Sir'Din Bunannon
End Sir'Din Bunannon
Level 4
Category Hawk's Landing Quests
Rewards 2 Silver 
Location Hawksmouth
Next Quest The Mauling
Previous Quest


Accepting the Quest:Edit

Could you see if you can find him? My guess is he is somewhere in the centre of hawksmouth most likely talking to anyone who will listen to him. Would you be kind enoigh to talk to him and find out what happened to me?

In Log:Edit

You accidentally ran into the ghost of Sir'Din Bunannon. He seems ver shocked about what has happened to him and cant seem to remember how he got in his current situation. He has asked you to see if Vorge Pahton still remembers him and find out about the story of his death.

Vorge Pahton can be found somewhete in the centre of Hawksmouth most likely talking to anyone that will listen to him. Return to Sir'Din once you know more.


I'm not sure.

Quest ChainEdit