Questicon Nails And Not Those Little Ones
Start Guard Captain Patrick Vhar
Level 5
Category Aldenvault Quests
Next Quest Setting Up The Barricade
Previous Quest Captain's Logs


Accepting the Quest:Edit

In your Log:Edit

In order for the barricade to be built, you will need to find some large nails. Captain Vhar does not carry any and he let that be known!
He did say that you might find some at the House Maul provisioner to the south-west of Aldenvault Village.
If you get the large nails, return to Guard Captain Vhar at the Ardent Nave in Aldenvault.


Quest ChainEdit


Provisioner Worton can be found at House Maul to the southwest of the tower

The cart with the lost supplies can be found directly west (don't go too far) from the central tower. There is a line of boxes and other supplies leading the way into the woods by a big rock where you will find a few pirates.

Kill the pirates to reach a crate that sits atop a cart.

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