Questicon Motivated Salesmanship
Start Enclave Delegate Theleg Bournbay
End Enclave Delegate Theleg Bournbay
Level 4
Category Hawk's Landing Quests
Fame 755
Location Hawksmouth
Next Quest Return To Commander Gula
Previous Quest A Shady Character


Accepting the Quest:Edit

Oh he will, trust me. I have a few tricks up my sleeve too.

As for you: I would like you to intercept this salesman and find out what he knows.

If he is walking the southern roads then ironically he will somehow end up at the central guard tower again, so be sure to scour the southern road leading there to find him.

If you do find him, don't attack him. I think it would be best to try and get him to reveal his true identity without tipping him off.

Come back here when you've gotten a hold of something interesting.

In your Log:Edit

Enclave Delegate Theleg Bournbay at the docks of hawksmouth wants you to question the travelling salesman who wanders the path between the docks and the suspicious camp to the south-west.

Report back to Theleg when you found something out.


That might be rather fortunate. The guy is definitely hiding something. It seems there is more going on here in Hawk's Landing then at first glance appears to be.

I've been inspecting those crates with our little friend downstairs, and it was full of Ousted weaponry and supplies. It seems there are some Ousted preparing an attack right here in Hawksmouth.

Quest ChainEdit