Questicon Mooh, Are You Happy Now!
Start Lieutenant Commander Stalwart
End Lieutenant Commander Stalwart
Level 5
Category Aldenvault Quests
Fame ~1487
Rewards 50 CopperPorcine Pastrami
Location Aldenvault Village
Next Quest A Keen Mind On Fortification
Previous Quest


  • Ask what is bothering farmer Terman
    • Capture Clara with the Mooh-And-Me
      • Return Clara within 90 seconds
      • Return Clara to the pen.
    • Capture Bella with the Mooh-And-Me
      • Return Bella within 90 seconds
      • Return Bella to the pen.
    • Capture Frisia with the Mooh-And-Me
    • Capture Gretha with the Mooh-And-Me
    • Capture Bertha with the Mooh-And-Me
      • Return Bertha within 90 seconds
      • Return Bertha to the pen.
        • Return to Farmer Terman with good news
          • Report bact to Commander Stalwart

Accepting the Quest:Edit

Good! Then I am going to send you to one of the local farmers here in Aldenvault, one that needs your help. You are great with a weapon and can use your tongue, but I doubt those skills will be useful on Moohs!

Talk to Talson Terman over at the northern gate and see if you can help him with his bovine problem.

And come see me if you are done!

Dismissed, Name! And remember: Real trouble, real consequences!

In your Log:Edit

Lieutenant Commander stalwart has sent you to help a farmer from Aldenvault Village named Talson Terman. It seems his Moohs have gotten a mind of their own and wandered off into the outlying fields.

You are to talk to farmer Talson and see if you can help him in any way.

Return to the Lieutenant Commander after you have helped Farmer Talson.


Man you smell like Moohs! What did he make you do? Hug them? Sheesh!

If I were toy, I'd make sure to stay away from the bull out there! One whiff of that smell you carry around and you'll get his hormones in a twist.

Now the Mooh problem is out of the way, let us continue on more serious matters.

Quest ChainEdit