Questicon Make Time For Mending
Start Alstre Pettera
End Alstre Pettera
Level 2
Category Hawk's Landing Quests
Fame ~404
Location Hawksmouth
Next Quest None
Previous Quest What Teliya Tore Asunder


  • Bring the various parts to Kyrianida Iva

Accepting the Quest:Edit

Hello kind madam! Could you help me with one last thing? My mommy says im not allowed to wander around by myself; so can you take the pices to the nice tailor lady at the forge?

I think she'll have Mr. Twitches back to his old self super-fast! At least, i hope she will!

In your Log:Edit

Take the various pieces of Mr. Twitches to Tailor Kyrianide Iva at the forge in Hawksmouth and ask her to put him together again.

Return to Alstre Pettera at the farm just outside of Hawksmouth when his stuffed Wolf has been put back together again.


Mr. Twitches is all better! I love you Mr. Twitches, I promise I'll never ever EVER let you out of my sight again!

Let's go play the wolf who cried howler Mr. Twitches, I know it's your most favorite game ever!

Quest ChainEdit