Questicon Lumberyard Assignment Report
Start Netha Boraxx
End Commander Terrin Dalheart
Level 3
Category Hawk's Landing Quests
Fame 483
Rewards 50 Copper, Cleaver Axe
Location Hawksmouth
Next Quest None
Previous Quest Assault On The Lumberyard


Report to Commander Dalheart in Hawksmouth.

Accepting the Quest:Edit

You've been an excellent help Name. It's good to know recruits are such able beings. With a Job like you the Enclave will grow strong.

With what you have done for me, you have made my husband see the use of recruits even more. I'd like you to report back to your commander and thank him for sending someone on such short notice.

Thank you!

In your Log:Edit

Netha can't thank you enough for your help in dealing with the boars. She will make sure her husband Jathal will find out you helped out.

So, with your assignment performed successfully it is time to report back to Commander Dalheart about your proceedings.


Splendid, good work like this makes the people of the Enclave see what the Militia is all about. If it was not for us, they would not sleep as sound as they did.

Quest ChainEdit