Questicon Less Wolves, More Fetiches
Start Solon Kauko
End Tower Commander Hilnan.
Level 2
Category Hawk's Landing Quests
Fame ~80
Location Hawksmouth
Next Quest none
Previous Quest Death To Wolves


Report the number of dead wolves to Commander Hilnan

Accepting the Quest:Edit

Well recruit, you can be proud of what you have done. We all know that these wolves were born in great numbers and less of them means more Fetiches for me.

The guards over at the tower to the Southeast of here have asked me to inform them if we killed more wolves. Please go to Tower Commander Hilnan. Inform him of the number of wolves you have slain.

In Log:Edit

Solon Kauko has asked you to report to Tower Commander Hilnan at the guard tower to the Southeast of the Hunter camp. It seems the guards there have requested to know about any wolves slain.


Good day, recruit! Some wolves have bitten the dust again? Well the woods are teeming with furry vermin anyway.

Thank you for bringing it to our attention. We have just now realized that the wolf population is booming and that is why we like to know how many are slain. Just to see how they will react to such a violent eradication of their kind.

Have a good day!

Quest ChainEdit


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