Questicon Kidnapped!
Start Alstre Pettera
End Teliya Pettera
Level 2
Category Hawk's Landing Quests
Fame ~161
Location Hawksmouth
Next Quest What Teliya Tore Asunder
Previous Quest


Find Teliya

Accepting the Quest:Edit

Go talk to her! Mare her give me Mr. Twitches back! She's probably somewhere nearby; she likes laughing at me.

In your Log:Edit

Alstre Pettera has asked you to find his stepsister Teliya Pettera somewhere around the family farm and question her about the location of his stuffed wolf Mr. Twitches.

Return to Alstre after you have talked with his stepsister.


Sure you are, Byee!

Quest ChainEdit


When you complete the quest, return to Alstre to obtain the next part.

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