Questicon A Questionable Use Of Resources
Start Enclave Delegate Moyranin Gelori
End Enclave Delegate Moyranin Gelori
Level 2
Category Hawksmouth quests
Fame ~134
Rewards 30 Copper
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Accepting the Quest:Edit

I was wondering, could I ask you to do me a quick favor?

I'm expecting a few official visitors later this afternoon, and I need to confirm the accommodations I arranged for them at the lacal tavern, the Gilded Leaf.

Would you mind runnign over there for me and ask the tavern keep Kaarlo Seros if everything is ready for my guests?

In your Log:Edit

Go to the Gilded Leaf, the local tavern, and ask the keeper Kaarlo Seros if everything is ready for Enclave Delegate Moyranin Gelori's guests.

The tavern is located near the southern gate of Hawksmouth.

Return to Moyranin Gelori at the entrance to High House Torque after Kaarlo has spoken to you.


Quest ChainEdit