Questicon I Bring A Message
Start Jathal Boraxx
End Kaarlo Seros
Level 4
Category Hawk's Landing Quests
Fame ~117
Location Hawk's Wall
Next Quest Finding Razkam
Previous Quest


  • Bring Jathal Boraxx' Message to Razkam in Hawksmouth
    • Talk to Kaarlo Seror in the Gilded Leaf Tavern

Accepting the Quest:Edit

Hello Name, I have a favour to ask of you, since you are so... capable.

Take this note and bring it to my friend Razkam. Now don't freak out, but he lives in Hawksmouth.

Yeah, that's going to be quite a trip so pack your bags.

So when you pass the southern gate, follow the road north. Pass the Spirit Shop on the left and it's the third door to your left. It has a barred gate.

Don't screw up.

In your Log:Edit


Well, Razkan was so drunk he could hardly walk anymore. I had a hard time cleaning my doorstep this morning, if you know what i mean.

I figured he would find his way, sice he lives nearby. It is not my responsibility to hold a grown man's hand, you know. Before I closed the door off i saw him bend over a few times near the back alley and that's when i thought it best to 'leave the two with some privacy', so to speak.

Quest ChainEdit


For the first objective, talk to the man in front of Razkam's house.

Jathal did not offer this quest to me until I completed Ecological Order.